Coventryville resident Christina Townsend, 55, said, in launching Seven Stones, she hopes to spread her love of alternative healing and all-natural products.

Townsend opened the shop at 64 North Main St. in Bainbridge in early September, offering reiki and Aroma Freedom Therapy services, Young Living essential oils and products, tarot cards, crystals, gems, sages, jewelry, inspirational tokens and more. Seven Stones’ motto, Townsend said, is: “May you be happy and let your heart give you joy.”

Townsend said that mission began with her health and a move toward alternative, holistic practices.

“A lot of the reasons for it are personal,” she said. “I was injured and I was tired of Western medicine, because it’s just a Band-Aid. I just started getting into (alternative healing) a little more and found it very fascinating. Everything is here on this earth for a reason and it’s for us to use, not to have it blended and manmade. I started saying, ‘What would go hand-and-hand with gemstones?’ and I kept listening to what others might want and researching. I found all these things that will take the toxins out of your lifestyle and your home — from dryer balls to toothpaste to kali santo holy wood.

“I’ve always been an entrepreneur of some sort,” Townsend said, “and finally, I just said, ‘There’s enough darkness. I want to bring motivational and positive things to this world, not just for myself but for others, too.’”

That period of discovery, Townsend said, dovetailed with her immersion into the multi-level marketing company Young Living Essential Oils, of which she has been a member “for several years.”

“I had a leader in Young Living that would hold awesome rallies,” she said. “I was invited to a small gathering at her home … (which) was filled with gemstones of all sizes and inspiration, motivation, peace and calm. From her home, I went to her shop, again falling in love with everything about her store. I was wishing and speaking of how, one day, I’d like to own one like hers, as our community would benefit from it, and she inspired me without knowing she was.”

The business name, Townsend said, pays homage to her past and passion.

“The number seven comes from the fact that there were five children and my mom and dad in our family, and ‘stone’ came from never having a garden with anything but rocks,” she said. “The seven stones are also the main chakras of the body and I based the store on chakra healing.”

Townsend said, since her Sept. 9 opening, she’s been moved by the community’s response to Seven Stones.

“It’s been amazing,” she said. “I thought we would start out slow and no, there’s been nothing slow about it. People are very pleased, very open-armed and welcoming, saying, ‘We’ve been waiting for this for so long.’”

Customers, Townsend said, represent a mix of interests and demographics.

“My typical customer is just a regular person off the street that is fascinated with gemstones, with natural healing, with intuition and gut feeling,” she said. “We also have people coming in that just need an uplifting; I have a regular that comes in every day after work just for the peacefulness.

“That’s the clientele: those that are like-minded and want calm, relaxation and uplifting for not just themselves but others, too,” Townsend continued. “I’m seeing a wide range of people (from) Oneonta and Binghamton and local people from Sidney, Unadilla, Afton and Greene. They’re traveling in.”

As Seven Stones becomes established, Townsend said, she hopes to highlight her services.

“I am a certified Aroma Freedom practitioner, and Aroma Freedom is a technique designed by Dr. Benjamin Perkus out of Binghamton,” she said. “He designed this program using essential oils to take the negatives out of your life.

According to a company statement, Aroma Freedom Therapy, or AFT, uses essential oils and “proven psychological principles to quickly and gently dissolve negative thoughts, feelings and memories that hold us back from reaching our dreams.”

Alongside AFT and reiki, Townsend said, she plans to introduce services such as “foot detox ionizers and shiatzu massagers.”

“That’s the next phase: more things that will (provide) personal care that are still going to inspire us,” she said, “so people don’t have to walk around depressed or frustrated.”

Seven Stones is open for retail shopping from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and 10 to 2 on Saturday. Monday and Tuesday, Townsend said, are reserved for sessions, though people seeking appointments and unable to make those days will be accommodated.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, find “Seven Stones” on Facebook or call 607-226-3993.

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