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LAS VEGAS, July 31, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Experts at Natural Medilube are sounding the alarm over widespread misuse of mineral oil by fertility clinics as a vaginal lubricant for couples intending to conceive. Studies show mineral oil can leave an oily residue in the vaginal biome — disrupting a woman’s natural pH, limiting the ability of sperm to penetrate the egg, and increasing the risk of bacterial infection. 

As a healthy solution, Empowered Products, Inc., makers of the popular PINK® and GUN OIL® lubricant brands, now offers 100%-plant-based Natural Medilube® – an all-natural, pH balanced lubricant free of petroleum & parabens – to women, fertility clinics, and ingredient-conscious health practitioners worldwide. 

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Scott Simon Fraser, founder & president of Empowered Products, Inc., stated, “As proud makers of PINK® and GUN OIL®  personal lubricants eighteen years running, we recently recognized the pressing need for a 100%-plant-based lubricant purposely formulated with a woman’s natural pH in mind and with a focus on producing a healthy vaginal biome for conception whether naturally or via in vitro fertilization (IVF). Our scientific team got to work on developing such a lubricant in the fall of last year, and we now offer Natural Medilube® to the world as, what we firmly believe to be — the safest and purest personal lubricant on the market for healthy moms and babies.” 

PUSH San Diego founder and fertility expert, Dr. Deb Davies, DACM, added, “I was appalled to learn of the widespread use of pH-wrecking mineral oil by fertility clinics all across North America as a vaginal examination agent and as a recommended sexual lubricant for couples trying to conceive. Mineral oil is a petroleum byproduct that has no business entering the vagina — ever!” 

Empowered Products, Inc. – which has a longstanding relationship of compliance and cooperation with the U.S. Food & Drug Administration – encourages all clinicians and consumers to review back label ingredients on all personal care products before use. Empowered Products’ new offering – Natural Medilube® – is completely free of petroleum, parabens, and fragrances and is designed to maintain a woman’s optimum pH level at conception, during gestation, and all the way through the birthing process. According to the FDA, mineral oil (a petroleum-derived mixture of liquid hydrocarbons paraffinic and naphthenic) has a number of approved uses – most notably as a binder and release agent for various food products. Nowhere on the FDA website does it state that mineral oil is safe or recommended for use as a personal lubricant.

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