TOOWOOMBA woman Linda Back works with residents who want a more natural approach to health and has just launched a new weight-loss program which is filling a “much-needed gap in the field.”

Zest Natural Therapies involves finding and addressing the root cause of illness rather than suppressing symptoms.

Ms Back began working with a natroupath at a time when she was suffering with severe endomitosis.

She said it helped her immensely.

“I began studying nutrition and naturopathy and continued to work on my own health, and now I rarely suffer with endometriosis symptoms anymore,” she said.

“I wanted to spread the word of good health to others.”

Ms Back said for most people their treatment involved nutritional adjustments, lifestyle improvements, such as healthier sleep habits or taking time out to de-stress, and appropriate evidence-based, practitioner-strength natural medicines.

“I particularly love working with hormonal issues such as period pain, PMS, endometriosis, PCOS, menopause, gut issues, stress and fatigue as I find that these tend to respond very well to natural medicine.

“Seeing the improvements my patients’ quality of life in these areas is priceless.”

Ms Back has launched a new program in Toowoomba, one which originated in Germany 20 years ago.

The program uses 36 different blood markers, such as inflammation levels, thyroid function, nutrient levels to create a foods list that is ideal for the individual.

“Metabolic BalanceĀ® is all about personalised nutrition, as we are now finding out that there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to health,” she said.

“The thing I love most about the program is that it is not a diet, it is designed as a process to hit the reset button, and help re-establish a healthy metabolism so the body can naturally release excess fat that it doesn’t need.

“It also provides people with the tools they need to manage their weight in the long-term and they get a health boost at the same time.

“Improvements in energy, sleep, stress resilience, blood pressure, hormonal swings and digestive issues are all common when following the program.”

Another key aspect of the program is the coaching that is included.

Ms Back said studies had shown that weight-loss success rates when working with a practitioner were far higher than when trying to go it alone.

“We work on things like mindset, goal-setting, celebrating successes and overcoming obstacles in tandem with the nutritional side of things,” she said.

The program was launched last month and is already extremely popular.

“I have several patients who are already a couple of weeks into their programs and getting great results already, and several more who are awaiting the arrival of their personalised nutrition plans and are keen to get started,” she said.

Linda Back from Zest Natural Therapies has brought a new weight-loss program to Toowoomba.

“I’ve been doing the program myself for the past six weeks, and not only have I lost just under 11kg and 10cm off my waist, I’ve noticed a big improvement in my sleep quality, energy, moods and mental focus.

“A few patients have mentioned that it’s really good to know that I am also doing the program myself and are following my journey closely as a result.”

She said there were many benefits to the program, and it filled a “much-needed gap in the weightloss field.”

“One thing I notice in my clinic is that people are really confused about nutrition – there is so much information out there, and often it is conflicting and contradictory,” she said.

“They hear different messages and advice, and they may have followed a diet a friend or relative had great results with yet notice no difference themselves.

“This gets frustrating, discouraging and depressing, and more often than not each different diet experience has seen them gain even more weight back when they go off the diet.

“Metabolic BalanceĀ® takes all that guesswork out of knowing what to eat, when to eat, and how to eat, and the program provides a clear path forward – that they can use for life.

“If they follow the program to the letter, it should be the last plan they ever need.”

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