I decided to study nutrition at CNM after experiencing the impact diet changes had on my little girl’s health. She was very poorly between the age of one and three, with frequent trips to the hospital due to recurrent chest infections and asthma-like symptoms. She was prescribed corticosteroids, antibiotics, and a variety of inhalers, but I was frustrated at simply managing my daughter’s symptoms with medication and not actually seeing any progress in her health. We received no nutritional or lifestyle advice.

I consulted a nutritional therapist and worked with her to modify my little girl’s diet, remove allergens, and improve her gut health. She got progressively better. Her colds became less frequent and less problematic; within six months she no longer needed inhalers and now she is a very healthy and active child.

My daughter’s experience was an eye-opener for me and I decided to re-train and become a nutritional therapist.

CNM offered both mid-week and weekend classes, with the added flexibility of doing much of the work remotely. The college offered a package that enabled me to work around my family’s needs.

I really enjoyed the fact that we were taught by different lecturers depending on the subject. This gave me a good insight into different research methods and clinic styles. What I learnt at CNM has allowed me to turn my passion into a totally fulfilling career.

What I love about practising is the people that I get to work with, and being part of their journey to better health. No two days are the same; there is always a new challenge and new areas to explore. My knowledge, and continuous research and personal development in the field, allows me to help others.

Do something life-changing

Gain new skills. Change career. Help others.

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Mariana Sheppard is a CNM (College of Naturopathic Medicine ) nutritional therapy graduate.